Realtor Today

Realtor Today app is a Real Estate search-based platform for all the realtors and Individual. It’s one of a kind app totally dedicated to Real Estate in Delhi NCR. Users can also look for rich content of News, Articles, Analysis, Happening in the nearby Real Estate through this app.
The application let property agent to Post their ad on the application and additionally on News Paper. Whether you are searching for commercial property for rent/sale or Residential Property for rent/sale, user can find the best option over here. Users can also promote their own property easily through this app and can contact with owner of other property via email, SMS, Phone.
The users can likewise look for the preferred information through filling their Area of Interest. In the advertisement section, user will be able to view the various properties and in news section, application got integrated with RSS feeds, which will bring out all the news according to their interest or preference. The user can also add their best news & ads search in My Favourite list. The searched news & ads can also be shared through Whatsapp, Facebook etc
The user can print their ad in newspaper directly through the application and by utilizing some application credit. They just need to purchase the credit through paying the amount on payment gateway. User will also get ability to choose the preferred date of publishing. User can also comment on any news and if you are a Realtor or agent, used to follow the Realtor Today, then you can share your views and put your point in front of other users through this platform.
There are more to explore in this application from Online booking of Ads to E-Paper, Search Ad Listing, Articles and Content and substantially more.

Realtor Today is produced by #Mobulous and is accessible on #GooglePlay. Soon, this app will be roll out on #AppStore to target more extensive group of audience.



Talk to my car (TTMC) is an app created for recognising and rewarding good driving, by sending messages through simply registering the number plate of another vehicle. The app is intended to make driving more secure by perceiving and spotting out great drivers or through alerting drivers in case of any unsafe issues.
Make a step forward to make the driving safer on road. Through this app, you can easily alert the driver of another vehicle about the issues that can prevent some serious accident. You can also warn them about any danger or can acknowledge them if you like their driving skill sets.
This enhanced new application allows people while driving to message other drivers. They can send them any customized message from the wide variety of messages by just entering their vehicle registration plate details, country, state and type of vehicle. The message will instantly get convey to enlist TTMC member, who is driving the vehicle.
You can additionally send some flirtatious messages, if you see any charming driver. If you got any flirtatious message then you can reply to it only through upgrading to the PRO version.
Send happy messages to acknowledge great driving aptitudes, or warning messages and can also securely communicate with those people through an angry message, who are not paying consideration on their drive. You can include a virtual gift also, if you wish, which will cost a few coins.
You will get 1000 virtual coins after signing up. To earn a greater amount of these virtual coins, just visits the more coins section and watch some videos or even sending and receiving the message can add coins to your bank balance. You can also buy these coins through your bank account. You can access your my status section only if you will send 3 happy messages to some other drivers.
The app also has the GPS facility which alerts you to avoid using the phone while driving. For better safety, this app will show a “motion sickness” screen which will not allow you to send any messages while driving. You can only send the message by tapping on the option as you are a passenger and not the driver.
There is also a driving rating system that reveals how others view your driving skills. Personalize your virtual status symbol with the virtual luxurious cars available on Showroom.
Enhanced the skill sets by modification in appearance and functionality (like driveability, WOW factors, Vehicle value, Fuel Cost, Insurance cost) from the workshop. Buy all these facilities through using your coins and mark the instant improvement through star ratings. Just show up your driving skill sets and compete other people to get rewards and enhance your ranking on the basis of the country or worldwide. You can also share your status & Invite your friends through Facebook.
TTMC is developed by #Mobulous for Australian Client and is available of #GooglePlay .Coming soon on #AppStore
It’s a great way to make driving safer, enjoyable and more secure for everybody on the road.

The #Top ‪#‎iPhoneApp‬ ‪#‎Development‬ ‪#‎Companies ‬#2016 #Mobulous
#Mobulous #TeamMobulous
The Top ‪#‎iPhoneApp‬ ‪#‎Development‬ ‪#‎Companies‬
Smartphones have taken over a huge market worldwide and even exceeded the number of desktop-only users in the past years. This mobile revolution is going to get bigger in the future. There has been a sudden increase in the number of iPhone users across the globe. As of September 2015, 700 Million iPhones have been sold and the number of iPhone users in the US reached to 101 Million in Nov 2015 (Source: Expandedramblings). The recent stats must be much higher than the previous year and is expected to be soaring by end of this year. Clearly, if you are thinking of launching an iOS app, just shoot ahead since now is a perfect time. Apple’s App Store is the second largest (after Android) with 1.5 Million Apps available, and you can make the best of this opportunity by selecting an appropriate agency to develop your iOS app.

The companies below have been thoroughly reviewed for their performance and services and on a wide spectrum of qualitative and quantitative parameters globally. Select the best as per your requirements, budget and suitability; all of them make offer outstanding business assistance and create the most powerful iOS apps.

ServiceSport Fault Reporter

ServiceSport Fault Reporter is an application launched for giving you perfect supporting framework for your GYM Workout. On the off chance that you get any issue with the gym equipment(s), Service Sport Fault Reporter can without much of a stretch contact the GYM Management directly through this application.
To give excellent services and offer you more assistance in keeping your types of gear or equipments up to date
You can report for any fault or issues occur in the GYM Equipment through this app. After scanning the scanner tag and record your whole question in the comment box and send it. You can likewise send the connected pictures or recordings for better clarity.
ServiceSports Fault Reporter is Developed by #TeamMobulous #Mobulous for UK based market leading fitness equipment supplier/part provider ServiceSports connected to various Gyms.
App lets the Gym users connect better and quicker with the Management in case of any fault found in different equipments in the GYM
Download Now on #AppStore