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Every day, because of extreme certainty to accomplish the goal, businesses are very much inspired to bring creative online marketing thoughts to life; we provide these ideas a visual appearance. From e-commerce to Social messaging app, we have provided a definite solution to every business. We are really a hard bite split the obstructions and reach the top and we have figured out how to make an immense accomplishment with our ability extraordinary thoughts.

We have updated few case studies on Our Behance page.

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Realtor Today

Realtor Today app is a Real Estate search-based platform for all the realtors and Individual. It’s one of a kind app totally dedicated to Real Estate in Delhi NCR. Users can also look for rich content of News, Articles, Analysis, Happening in the nearby Real Estate through this app.
The application let property agent to Post their ad on the application and additionally on News Paper. Whether you are searching for commercial property for rent/sale or Residential Property for rent/sale, user can find the best option over here. Users can also promote their own property easily through this app and can contact with owner of other property via email, SMS, Phone.
The users can likewise look for the preferred information through filling their Area of Interest. In the advertisement section, user will be able to view the various properties and in news section, application got integrated with RSS feeds, which will bring out all the news according to their interest or preference. The user can also add their best news & ads search in My Favourite list. The searched news & ads can also be shared through Whatsapp, Facebook etc
The user can print their ad in newspaper directly through the application and by utilizing some application credit. They just need to purchase the credit through paying the amount on payment gateway. User will also get ability to choose the preferred date of publishing. User can also comment on any news and if you are a Realtor or agent, used to follow the Realtor Today, then you can share your views and put your point in front of other users through this platform.
There are more to explore in this application from Online booking of Ads to E-Paper, Search Ad Listing, Articles and Content and substantially more.

Realtor Today is produced by #Mobulous and is accessible on #GooglePlay. Soon, this app will be roll out on #AppStore to target more extensive group of audience.

Android N Developer Preview: New Features & Tweaks

Despite the sneak peak that comes so far sooner than expected, we will no doubt see some more components of the new OS at the final appearance. According to the developers preview released there are a ton of new features coming in Android N. How about we observe what are the new element and changes coming in most recent version of Android as according to the developer’s preview 1.
1. Multi Window: Finally Android N is coming with the multi-window screen choice that will let the user access multiple apps at one time. Having side by side multi- window will definitely let you do a multitasking job.
2. Direct reply & bundled notification: The API will allow the user to have the post notifications that are highly visible & interactive. You will be able to see more subject line at one time in your notification area. Receive the bundle of notification and reply to them straightforwardly.
3. New Accessibility element: Android N incorporates another screen zoom highlight as an element of the accessibility suite. It gives off an impression of being truly clear, making everything on the screen bigger and less demanding to see.
4. Data saver: Not everyone needs to stir through their information arrange generally as quick as could reasonably be expected. Android N includes another instrument in settings to help with this. When you turn the Data Saver highlight on in settings, you will be able to save more data plans wherever possible. It will block background data usage, users have the option to whitelist any applications that they need to ignore these Data Saver setting.
5. Choice of Language: Android N is making the choice of language and location a bit smarter, especially for application developers. Now no compelling reason to get settled with the default language, users can pick their preferred language as according to their regionalization.
6. Secured Access to the Directories: Android N is presenting a modified element as scoped directories that keep your data or any folder more secured.
7. TV recording: With this Android N, the user will have the option to save the videos at more than one session at once. You can also put a scheduled recording and save your video to watch it later.
8. Faster management & setting: Google is including a “Just- In Time compiler” to the Android Runtime to continually enhance the execution of Android applications as they run. It implies quicker application installation along with the quicker reboots after system upgrades with a more astute default quick setting.
New features revealed in developer preview 2.
1. Designed Graphics API: The following variant of Android will have Vulkan graphics API since it permits better representation execution performance.
2. New & Multiple Shortcuts for Launching: Android N will allow applications to give particular and various alternatives for launchers. Your application can make up to five element alternate ways. It will be easier for the user to work on Android N.
3. New Emojis available for the Android N user: Now this new arrangement of Emojis will look more like individuals and less like yellow, Muppet blobs. The User can enjoy having a variety of live creature that views their actual contemplations while conversation.
The developers preview version of Android N was made accessible on 9 March by Google. And soon the first look will be available. Thus, the primary thing to know is that things are going to change. The Previews are much the same as an example; none of this is last or decided yet. But, if the final build up will have all these components or elements, eventually will stream out all the users’ desire.

Android N features

Rising of Mobile Commerce

Everyone can observe that the e-commerce market is growing bigger with it a huge number of retail and business scenes. But you didn’t realize that mobile commerce is developing even faster.
Rising in the number of mobile or tablet users can easily make you understand that why is it growing at the fastest rate. But there are still considerable measures of e-commerce retailers out there that are not making compatibility with the times and still serving up as not so optimized, unresponsive online stores too. This can undoubtedly drive, mobile or smartphone users away.
Why an Ecommerce Business Require a Mobile App?
If your business needs to get a rapid development rate, you need to provide a mobile-friendly experience to the customer or users. Otherwise, it might source disadvantages for your business. Everyone needs to aware about the developing prominence of mobile Internet and mobile shopping, also the multi-screen world in which we are living today.
Be that as it may, in case you’re yet to be persuaded by the requirement for app streamlining or you’re simply beginning with an e-commerce company then you need to see what the object is about.
Just perused on for a fast gone through of some reasons for why you’ll need to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce business as soon as possible. This implies that an e-commerce business who actually wants to concentrate more on engagement and reliability will definitely need to create and take a shot at their mobile app strategy.
Reason for Having an App for an Ecommerce Business:
1. Rapid Growth of Mobile App Users

Here’s the primary contention: it was surveyed that almost 80% of the users said that they would rather prefer shopping via the mobile app than the online browsers. Applications make the shopping experience speedier, more secure, and users never need to stress over recollecting a URL or signing in every time while checking out the new collection or while ordering.
2. Secure Payment Gateway Option:
When you build up a mobile application, you can include secure payment alternatives and system the application to recollect these options for a consequent shopping experience. The payment gateway option can make easy purchasing process for the customers, and can also make things simpler on your end.
3. Mobile app enhanced the social marketing options
If you want to save your money in marketing, then do let your user advertise for you through social media sharing. The users can publicize your merchandise or brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform. You can easily include the sharing option into your app, with the goal that the user can tell their companions when you include a cool new item in your collection.
4. Boost your sale with Push Notifications
Mobile applications let you convey a streamlined, customized shopping experience to your user if you have an interface splendidly designed for the gadgets like smartphone, tablets or the iPhone. Push notifications can be location-based so that you can present customers with special offers. Notifications can also be sent when you need to empty some stock and run a special sale, or offer a promotion to get the word spread out about a new item. You can’t use this push notification feature to boost your sales if you don’t have an app.
5. Applications let you have More Control over the User Experience
The applications permit the developers to plan an exceptional and effective user experience. You can control the user interface and present speedier service to them. Applications likewise permit you to tailor the experience for the gadget, which gives you a chance to outline and work splendidly with the users favoured platform like iPhone, Android, and so on. Get to know easily how’s you app is working and what you need to change in your app to give better services.
6. Build Loyal Customer with Brand & product Visibility
Nothing puts your brand, merchandise and products up and at the centre like an application that a user sees each time they use their cell. Applications now become a resemblance of the virtual eyes, ears, and arms of the customer – these instruments are with them all over the place, dependably. That makes versatile applications an effective device for building and supporting loyal customers.

The fast-growing m-commerce application market has expanded its sales in the recent time and their main supporters are the Smartphone and its applications. Mobile e-commerce has turned into the quickest developing income course in the digital trade market. So whether you are a start-up or having little business or a well-settled business, you must need to build up a native user-friendly mobile application that will expand your advertising proficiency and take your development rate at the top.


Android N- Upcoming with Enhanced Multitasking Features

All the new version of Android always has some version number or its nickname, so the new upcoming version has given a nickname as Android N. Google astounded everybody with the impulsive declaration of the Android N Developer Preview. This early formed version of the variant Android software upgrade, because of being launched later in the year, gives us a decent sign of where Android is heading.
The Android N Developer Preview is a test adaptation of the new Android programming, basically proposed for providing some assistance to designers. Like previous Developer Preview variants, for example, Android M, which later got to be Android Marshmallow, the primary adaptation of this product does not contain all the new elements of the following version of Android, however just a few parts of it.
Android Developer Beta Version or Android N preview
Make the Update Easier for Developer:
Android N sneak peak has come up with various new elements. This next version preview truly has one objective: To provide a basic preview to the app developers & designer and finalise the coding that will power them to build up all the unique components or features.
The Android N developers preview could make update less demanding on every device or gadget. If we look at the processing plant pictures for the Android N preview, we can easily notice entirely major enhanced quality feature that is going to change for Android in future. The code inside now appears as more organized & coordinated which make it simpler for the developers to overhaul their own elements and settings without interrupting the essential Android parts. It implies there will be less buildout overhead with a huge amount of new components.
Accessibility of Beta Version:
Android N is presently accessible as a preview only to designers and in addition those with the Nexus and Sony handsets. After playing around with this latest version on Nexus, it was analysed that this isn’t the final structure of software. However, there will probably be a bundle of new components in the last build that didn’t make it into this developer preview. Be that as it is, we all are waiting for the latest version with the final build up.
Releasing Date:
Concerning on releasing date, it is expecting to be available for downloading on a certain phone from coming October. Apple will be launching iOS 10 around the same time (most likely in September), which will mean Android gadgets will require some new components to win. This upgrade ought to take off to your device OTA automatically in case you’re a part of its Beta Program; else you can download and flash it manually by getting the picture from Google.


Role of Wireframe in Mobile App Development

A wireframe is a designing tool for any development services at the basic level. A wireframe is usually used to lay out the working & functionality of a particular screen prepared according to the user needs. Wireframes are utilized ahead of schedule as a part of the improvement procedure to set up the fundamental structure of any screen before visual plan and content is included.

How a wireframe can be created?
Wireframe can be easily created through different tools like Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq, Omnigraffle and Sketch. Designers can easily sort out the exact layout & designs. These tools enable the designer to organize the content in a systematic manner. Some designers sketch out the wireframes on paper that is also a great way to keep things simple and straight.

Why creating a Wireframe is crucial for mobile app development?
Most of the developers consider the formation of wireframes as the initial phase of developing any mobile application. It’s a blueprint of the app which shows the particular plan for the designing & developing a mobile app. Most development companies used to offer their clients to share their own particular wireframes.
Even if the client doesn’t have their own wireframes to share, designers can create their own wireframe for his/her benefit – before the genuine coding process begins. These are the visual representations of the general flow of operations in the app development process. To keep the designer and developer to be on the same page it is necessary to prepare a wireframe.

Benefits – Key advantages of working with wireframes while developing a mobile application:
Get the Overview of Layouts: An appropriate made wireframe can help the designers in comprehension the top to bottom perspective about UI and individual configuration design of each screen. They can undoubtedly finalize a custom prototyping arrangement and all the components that can bail them out in making the application easier to use.
See how the application is going to function: The wireframes serve as the fundamental connection between theoretical ideas and final form of the application. Precisely examining the visual representations of the progressive screens helps designers in deciding how an idea will be implemented and the coding is done in like manner.
Working with a Real-Time Communication: Well, a mobile development is a team work; the whole team must have to look after the configuration and development process of the mobile app. This wireframe can help out the designers & developer to be on the same track. It’s an ideal approach to have a real-time communication between the team.
In-app Navigation: Through using wireframes, the developers can test the navigation structure of their application, and roll out improvements. Wireframe give a pictorial representation of how users are going to utilize that application. And it can also give a cost advantage to any organization.
Make your work Client-Oriented: Working with wireframes is easy, simple and effective moreover. If a developer has to consolidate any progressions as per client after final build up, then it will be troublesome for them. Wireframes can solve this out as they are shared with the client on a consistent premise, so that when she/he gives any feedback then that can be implemented instantly.
Multiplicity includes simplicity: Creating 3 or 4 elective wireframes will be helpful in testing purpose also. Each alternative will show individual sketches and functional flow of the app in a better way that enhances the possibility of testing.
Visual Branding Elements: On a wireframe, application developers can play around with the positions of marking components or logo of the organization. They can look for recommendations from the client and can choose effectively, which plan alternative would be the best for brand-building.
Show your Creation within Deadline: The wireframe of a mobile app is also an ideal channel to showcase the level of research and thinking that has gone behind its creation. Instead of a detailed text description, a series of wireframes can nicely showcase the evolution of an idea into an app. Rather than a definite content portrayal, a progression of wireframes can pleasantly showcase the advancement of an idea into an application.
The highlight of the significance of these wireframes shows that it allows developers to look at the proposed outline designs of an application from all points of view.

What to avoid while creating Wireframe?
Wireframe contains both ends of faces from the user & client too, so it must be a problem-solving design not a confusion creating one. So, the designer must avoid these topics while creating a wireframe:
Focus on colours: Don’t highlight designing and colour of the layout. Just keep it simple as wireframing is for deciding the layout and the exact location of elements.
Keep it Simple: Don’t add more description in wireframe, you might have to modify it later. So don’t make it a confusing one by showing more data.
A wireframe does not only let users show layout, but wireframes also allow the designer and the user to perform more profound and more significant exploration of different outline thoughts, ideas, and work processes, for bringing out an application that is completely practical, instinctive, and easy to use. As a result, building up an application appears parcel less demanding for engineer or originator and more systematic too.

wireframe final

Redesigned New look of Google play Store Icons

Google play store has spruced up the look of its family icons. They have upgraded its suite of app symbols to give them a crisp, steady look.
The Google has placed simulation of these buttons (like Movies & TV, Games & Books, and Newsstand) under one Play Button having a triangle shape in different colours. The icon having headphones in the Play Music tab has however been replaced with a harmony around with orange shading.
Google has upgraded its play store by dividing it into section & sub-sections. According to its new strategy, the organization has modernized the Apps and Games area with a sub-section which includes top Charts, Games & different Categories. Similar to that, the Entertainment segment has Movies and TV, Music, Books and Newsstand as sub-section. The looking over tabs in the sub-section option has been replaced by extensive size variant coloured button for better visual clarity.
The latest update is also capable of showing the compatibility of the app with Android wear. You can see a symbol representing a watch which consists of a “Read More” section that will present a whole list of application which runs perfectly with Android.
As the old symbols were not so bad, but Google has felt it important to roll out the improvements for the sake of consistency, which will make it less demanding for the users to recognize Google Play apps initially.
Have a look on the old Icons here and discover the difference through fresh feel with the new look.
The new symbols will be there on Android wear devices and online sites within the following couple of weeks. So simply keep enjoying the store icons—now with another look.

Google play final