LOLMESS Case Study

Lolmess is a social messaging mobile app designed by the best app developers. It’s a fun chatting app having lots of unique features like Voice fun, Talking Mitis, Twisted Filters, Background sound & much more that will make your conversation or calls very entertaining. The Funny Video & Audio Stickers, Static Stickers, GIF Emojis create more fun. The app also gives the ability to the user to share the files like Images or Videos instantly on Social media or with friends. The app also includes a dialler feature which will give you an ability to make a call with free call recording options. The app is actually developed to create an unlimited fun with the best chat features. Here is some of the technical Implementation that got integrated in this incredible application.

Technical Implementation

  1. Dialler Integration with Background Sound
  2. Funny Talking Mitis
  3. Integration of Twisted Filters to Create Funny Faces
  4. Voice Fun to Record Voice in Different Pitches
  5. Implementation of VOIP call
  6. Social Media Integration for Sharing Messages Instantly

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Key Elements to be Considered while Mobile Application Development

Mobile application Development is significant for every organization who just wants to lead in prompting the demands and expanding with a ravenous development rate. It was anticipated recently that the current year’s over, it would effectively cross the $100 billion check and will just keep on growing.

There’s no denying the actuality, that mobile applications have turned into a piece of our ordinary way of life and the vast majority of us stay reliant on them always to take consideration of a few basic operations. As simple as it might sound utilizing them, it is an entire diverse ball game with regards to building up each application.

Here are some of the essential elements that should be kept in mind while developing any mobile application:

  1. Conclude about the Target Customer:

Before continuing towards the development methodology, it ought to be prefigured about focused users. Appreciating the mind-set of your users is an ideal approach to get them an application which would have less error and more about consumer satisfaction. Recognizing what your users is looking for and utilizing their input to settle any issues with the application is the best approach to build up that trending application.

  1. Grasp about what your App is going to convey:

Before building up an application for your business, give in some an opportunity to comprehend what all parts of your business the application needs to cover. It is vital to put the needs of your business out there through your application since this is the means by which both your business and application will have the capacity to succeed over the long haul.

  1. Look into the Points of Interest of the User Necessities and Categorized a UX Procedure

Just research & explain the issue zones to create a great deal of more fruitful solution. Analyze the yield of this underlying user research and issue definition in a very much explained UX methodology. Make sure that everything is adjusted, and the experience doesn’t miss out any primary concern of the business interests.

  1. Focus on Application Designing UI

Always pay some additional attention to UI configuration of an application. Go for an interface which is more interactive as well as easy to understand in the meantime. For developing the best mobile application, one ought to look after application tradition of the UI as it is additionally an incredible approach to fit in the business sector. Further, you can ad lib it or update it as according to the user experience.

  1. Graphics has to be Interesting & Attractive

Appearance is exceptionally indispensable to this procedure and at last, the result must be simple and agreeable to the user’s eyes. The representation of your application tends to decide its disappointment and achievement, so it will be a major oversight to disregard it. It’s fundamental that the application consequently changes with all screen sizes with no issues and looks pretty much as great when users are getting to it on a mobile screen of any size.

Along with all these essential elements, the best mobile application development companies also work on the application efficiency. It’s vital that the application is created remembering how users are going to operate it.  So, it should be created in such a way so that it’s easier to use for each individual & in every condition.




Recent New Android Games launched in Play Store

Android gaming is showing signs of improvement with marvellous elements step by step. There is constantly some magnificent upgraded highlight that individuals loved. With this headway, a few new games app has launched in business sector!

  1. Pathfinder Adventures:

The Pathfinder Role-playing Game is a fantasy game that is loved today by most of the game lover. This version is a faithful adjustment of the card diversion, and if you are the RPG player then you more likely than not seen some of its characters. The base game is free and price charges for expansion only. The Game is right now available only for Tablets.

  1. Gangfort:

GANGFORT is a great activity group based shooter game sweetened with the pixel art style.The game is available to play on WIFI and 4G/LTE. You can also play it offline with the savvy worked in bots controlled by choice counterfeit intelligence.

  1. The Lego Video Games:

The Lego movie which was released in 2014 has now come up with the video games in 2016. It’s a kind of building adventure with an interesting twist. Just download and play this awesome game.

  1. Uncharted Fortune Hunter:

It is a unique action puzzle game which follows the story of Nathan Drake’s proceeded with interest to reveal the departed fortunes of history’s most infamous pirates, adventures and hoodlums. It’s a pure puzzle game focusing on sequence, rationale & direction. Here a challenge for you, accepts it.

  1. Taichi Panda: Heroes

Back to the panda warriors, the pseudo-spin-off brings groups in with the general mix – every player controls a group of a few spiritualist military specialists, taking into account a more mind boggling, and vital methodology for playing the games. Be a spiritualist and enjoy the quality design while playing it.

  1. Battleborn Tap:

As the name signifies battle ground are ready here for the players to show their passion. Utilize your fingers to TAP your approach to victory over influxes of foes and threatening supervisors to open new territories. Users can likewise discover distinctive apparatuses and use it to improve their status. This game will be cherished by youthful era.

  1. Angry Bird Action:

The most favourite game of the teenagers has reinvented to provide the hassle free experience. Pull, aim, action. Send the fowls of the Angry Birds Movie smashing through obstructions and skipping from one end to the other like a destroying ball only to save some eggs. This new game turns out as additionally captivating for players. Just try it and appreciate playing.

  1. Alien Vs Pinball:

Zen Studios is back with another gathering of the top of the line virtual pinball tables, and this time, it’s themed after the two-for-one Alien and Predator establishments. Tables are $2 each, and on the off chance that you purchase every one of them on the double you likewise expel advertisement. It’s a frightening game completely motivated by the ALIENs.

  1. Psycard:

In PsyCard, you are a psychic who opposes the enticement to conquer the world for playing Minesweeper-motivated logic and memory card recreations. What’s more, the best part is there is no in-application buy.

  1. Illi:

It’s a genuinely straightforward platform that blends the standard one button, auto-running setup with the planetary gravity of something like you used to play in Mario Galaxy. It’s a sort of puzzler games where you need to juggle with the gravity. Face the traps, snag which will get bigger as per the level.

Along with these games, Android has presented very nearly 30 other games application in stage inside most recent 2 weeks. Some of the games that you can look for are Sparkle ZERO, Super Phantom Cat, Rush Fight, The world of Dots, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown, Red Comrades Save the Galaxy, Journey of 1000 Stars, Swapperoo, Agent gumball, Dino Bash – Dinos v Cavemen, The Aetherlight , Tap Knight and the Dark Castle, Hungry Shark World, Amir Khan Khanage, TapDJ™ EDM, Tome of the Sun and many more.

At long last fantasy is in your grasp, so simply download it and enjoy playing a plenty number of games with different challenges, difficulties, activity, battling, technique, mind-diversions and parcel more. Android amusement standard is truly getting the first class advancement with its exceedingly redesigned charming feature.


Necessity of choosing the Right Mobile app development company

Picking a right mobile application development organization for the perfect creation & execution of your application, assumes as a noteworthy part of development. A good mobile app development company can help you in creating an out of the box applications that give satisfied user experience.

Choosing the best app development company who have the ability, skill, required tools, keenness and creativity can build up desired application that you require.

Factors to be considered while choosing a mobile app development company
These are the key points that one must consider before choosing mobile app Development Company:

  • For the app development, there must be a dedicated team who works according to the deadlines. Look for the developer’s capability and work procedures.
  • Before proceeding, go through the portfolio of the organization about their past work and experience. A portfolio of the company can give you an overlook about the working capability of their past experience.
  • If you are going to outsource your development, then there will be a cost versus quality element. You must deal with that issue too.
  • It is equally necessary to deal with the engineers who are going to work on the development process. If you want the project on time, then opt for the experience designers and developers who will work on your project.
  • According to your specific needs & requirement, pick the development company. As some of the company provide the white-label app & some deliver the custom app. So choose the best suitable for your The outsourcing company must also ensure about the procedure that engineers are utilizing in development.

Tips for choosing the best Mobile app development company

Before picking a mobile application development organization, one should look at the market reputation of the company in the business sector. The organization must be exceptionally experienced and outfitted with all the modern tools required for application improvement. It should have a record of reliably giving consistent development services to its customers.

Here are some helpful tips that you can take after while selecting a development company:

  1. The Company should work on every single Operating System

There are a wide gathering of people using various Mobile applications crosswise over different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and so forth. Keeping in mind the end goal to reach out more users, you should work with your designer or developer to guarantee that your application is good with all major working frameworks. Your application designer & developers should have the knowledge and capacity to make the application productive. 

  1. Look for the work Samples & References

Before selecting the company, ask for their previous work samples & references. It will give you a clear view whether the organization can give you benefits according to your prerequisites. Through these samples, you can know the upsides and downsides of its development services. Further, their work samples can easily let you judge their technical profundity and Integrity.

  1. Customized Apps for Your Business

In particular, when you work with an organization, ensure that they are capable of providing you customized applications, as per your organization’s needs and necessities.

  1. Pick a Company with Whom You Can Have a Long-term Association

Developing a mobile application is not a onetime work. You need to redesign it or update the version at customary intervals to keep pace with the changing trend of the business sector. Thus, make a point to choose an organization with which you can share close proficient compatibility for a long time.

  1. Design of Your App

Along with the execution flow, the proper layout design of the application is also essential. Ensure that the designed User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) provided by the organization for your mobile application is fresh, engaging & up to date.

  1. Don’t Select the Development Company on the basis of Cost

Different organizations will offer you the services at different rates. You need to finalize with an organization on the premise of its service quality. Sometimes compromising on price over quality can turn out more costly in future. There is no use of making an application at a lower rate in the event that it can’t give the effective results.

The most vital thing to do while choosing the best app development services providing company is to evaluate them on their pitches, their past work and coordinate with some of their present and previous clients.  This will give you the clearest feeling of the application developer’s work orientation & procedure, and can find out more about the company like how much the organization is up to date with their deadline strategy.


Get Android N’s best new features on your Device

The developers’ preview of Android N is out but is accessible on a couple of devices only. If you have the latest Nexus 5X or 6P, then you can install & start using the features now.

However, the user can also have the Android N feature on their device even if they don’t have the Latest Nexus 5X or 6P device. There are a few ways through which you can get some of Android N’s elements on your device right now.

Android N features for Rooted Device

The developers have designed a Xposed module to convey different Android elements to Rooted Devices. So for using those features, you’ll have to install the Xposed system on your device first.

  1. Multi Screen Window Feature:

Getting the Android N’s multiple window support in your device is quite easy. You just need to activate this component by editing the build.prop file. You’ll find that’s much easier if you’ve already installed the BuildProp Editor application. Just enable the Multi-Window Mode and have one of the Android N features on your phone.

  1. Android N-ify:

Since the Android N designer preview is accessible for a modest bunch of gadgets, a group of engineers has made N-ify with an end goal to bring the software’s new look and its list of capabilities to all smartphones.

This Xposed module offers a decent arrangement of Android N elements, including

  • Quick access to the last used application by twofold tapping
  • Notification
  • Shortcuts and notification or data on the lock screen
  • Night mode
  • Snooze with the screen off.

For having this Android N-ify module, you just need to have a device running Android 5.0 or better version.

Android N Features for the Device Having No Root Access

If you don’t want to root your device, then there are some valuable options that can bail you out in utilizing diverse features of Android N.  User can without much of a stretch find a portion of the application in Google Play store that conveys the same functions as Android N.

Let’s find out those apps that can give you same experience as Android N features are going to give you in future:

  1. Multi-Window Effects:

There are different applications which can give the same yield as that of Android N multi-window impacts. The two most intriguing applications are ‘Floating Apps Free – Multitask’ and ‘C Floating’. You can introduce any of this application to have an identical feature on your gadget.

2. Notifications:

As in Android N, you can get the bundled notification that will show up on your Lock Screen. With “Floatify-Quick Replies” app in Google Play Store, you can have the same access to your notification that will appear on your lock screen along with the access to shortcuts through a quick swipe.

3. Night Mode:

“Twilight” & “f.lux (Preview root-only)” are the suitable apps that give the Night mode functionality for the device having no root access. These apps make your Android easier on your eyes by changing the screen tones at night.

4. Access the last-used app directly:

The multi-tasking feature of Android N can let you launch the most recently used application specifically. With Easy App Switcher, you can optimize the same work, just install the app “LAS: Last App Switcher” from your app store.

So this is the way, you can get Android N Features on any Device Running on Lollipop or Marshmallow. So, if you want to have Android N features on your device, just try one of these alternatives.

Android N features

Necessities of Application Marketing

There are various passionate developers propelling wonderful applications in application stores on a daily basis. So in that enormous competition, it is important to keep up that momentum which ensures that your mobile application emerges from the rest through magnificent strategies.

Keeping up a balance between the advancement process as well as the application promoting strategy is critical to ensure the long-term sustainability. Select some conceptualizing ways to deal with, keep your users connected, collect backing and get the right buzz regarding your application while launching.

Here are some essential tips for the mobile App Marketing

  1. App store Optimization: The keywords and the app title also play an important role. Both Google Play and App Store algorithmically organize certain applications in indexed lists by keeping various ranking factors in mind. For optimising, it is essential to round out all fields with applicable details while presenting your application to the application stores.
  2. Facebook Ad Campaign: Facebook marketing is the most relevant option to make your app installed on a substantial number. Social media is the best choice for targeting more users. Make some demographics and place some Ad campaign for your mobile app that will favour you in advertising.
  3. Tweets: Similarly, promoting through tweets is another exceedingly powerful method for driving application downloads when set up effectively. Get started with a little spending plan, test different keyword sections, and scale up your app marketing performance
  4. Add up reference or Invitation option in your App: Marketing your application ought not to be some after-thought, but rather incorporated into your application. You have to consider first that what your application does to encourage or urge social sharing. For getting an exponential direct growth put a referral choice option in your application.
  5. Create a Microsite: Mobile application promoting is intense because there are a moderately predetermined number of platforms where you can contact individuals inspired by downloading a different application. Those spots like application stores, application magazines are to a great degree capable of getting in the visibility. However for grabbing more audience, making a microsite is the perfect choice as it open up an entire host of advertising potential outcomes.
  6. Target your Audience with a Guest Post: Guest posting can be an amazingly compelling method for driving more application installation if done in the right places. The more you think about your intended interested group of audience and what kind of substances they read, the more engaging your guest posting technique can be.
  7. Email Marketing: It can likewise be one of the powerful approaches to target more groups of onlookers. In spite of the fact that it’s a tiny bit old approach yet at the same time works perfectly. Construct a newsletter and offer your potential audience data that is helpful and profitable to them.

Taking after these tips properly can give you various potential clients for your application. Be that as it may, alongside these tips, one needs to utilize a variety of strategies to fabricate their audience.

Here are some viable approaches to promote a mobile application successfully.

  1. Make your app useful & commendable:

You need to make your application helpful that can fill some need of the user. Try to consider some offer that will let the audience download the app which must worth their time.

  1. Submit your app in suitable iOS and Android app stores:

Submitting your app in the right place will provide more space to get your application seen by potential clients. It additionally encourages the procedure of redesigning application data and usefulness later on.

  1. Make a blog Post clarifying the use & function of the application.

Just add up some screenshot of your app which must be engaging and showing the working of your app. You can also link up some videos showing your app functionality perfectly.

  1. Prepare a presentation which includes your apps:

While submitting a presentation, do mention your mobile app introduction specifically. Along with that incorporate an extraordinary offer on the slide or on your bio slide.

Another fruitful thought is to publish a press release about the application you are building up, its advantages, the conditional launching date etc. One needs to continue with these exercises after the launch.

For a perfect marketing, you have to decide the plan and arrange everything well ahead of time. That plan must be followed until you get your desired objective. The principle objective is to make an application according to individuals need, can without much of a stretch find out, download and install to get more valuable data.

The marketing of the application must get started much before the app is launched and proceed long after it released. The way that the application will contend with more applications every passing day implies the marketing endeavours shouldn’t stop and can’t have an off day. If a specific application is to succeed, it must continue standing out from the group, and ought to be the primary choice for all of its targeted interest audience.

Mobile marketing

Google creates Instant Apps functionality for Android

A month ago, Google has upgraded another approach to deal with the gap between the Mobile App and web App through its Instant App strategy. The mobile application clearly offers better user-experience over that of the browser- based web Applications.

But for having those applications on your device, you initially need to search for them & download and you have to remember that you have installed that application on your phone. So Google has given a new way to the user for considering why and how they are actually interacting with any application.

As its straightforward approach, Google is now allowing user to utilize native applications right away — even without installing them on your device through just tapping on a URL

Regularly, downloading and installing any application on your phone would take a while & storage as well, but in the case of Instant Apps, developers will need to partition the application into a segment that will run as a little part and get a start within a few moments. The thought behind Instant Apps is to make the native application experience as advantageous & handy as that of surfing to a site.

There is no compelling reason to download the application or even sign in; the primary focus is here to make the user- experience as consistent as could reasonably be expected. Google likewise worked with BuzzFeed on an early test that gives you a chance to open up a moment form of the Buzzfeed Video application to watch a video, and with B&H to show how any developers could utilize this element.

Developers can even now utilize the same source code; they simply just need to do some work to empower all of this new functionality. The capacity to utilize Instant Apps will roll out to users soon in future and Google is also planning to extend the numbers of developers with access to this component until next year.

Instant App