LOLMESS Case Study

Lolmess is a social messaging mobile app designed by the best app developers. It’s a fun chatting app having lots of unique features like Voice fun, Talking Mitis, Twisted Filters, Background sound & much more that will make your conversation or calls very entertaining. The Funny Video & Audio Stickers, Static Stickers, GIF Emojis create more fun. The app also gives the ability to the user to share the files like Images or Videos instantly on Social media or with friends. The app also includes a dialler feature which will give you an ability to make a call with free call recording options. The app is actually developed to create an unlimited fun with the best chat features. Here is some of the technical Implementation that got integrated in this incredible application.

Technical Implementation

  1. Dialler Integration with Background Sound
  2. Funny Talking Mitis
  3. Integration of Twisted Filters to Create Funny Faces
  4. Voice Fun to Record Voice in Different Pitches
  5. Implementation of VOIP call
  6. Social Media Integration for Sharing Messages Instantly

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