Get Android N’s best new features on your Device

The developers’ preview of Android N is out but is accessible on a couple of devices only. If you have the latest Nexus 5X or 6P, then you can install & start using the features now.

However, the user can also have the Android N feature on their device even if they don’t have the Latest Nexus 5X or 6P device. There are a few ways through which you can get some of Android N’s elements on your device right now.

Android N features for Rooted Device

The developers have designed a Xposed module to convey different Android elements to Rooted Devices. So for using those features, you’ll have to install the Xposed system on your device first.

  1. Multi Screen Window Feature:

Getting the Android N’s multiple window support in your device is quite easy. You just need to activate this component by editing the build.prop file. You’ll find that’s much easier if you’ve already installed the BuildProp Editor application. Just enable the Multi-Window Mode and have one of the Android N features on your phone.

  1. Android N-ify:

Since the Android N designer preview is accessible for a modest bunch of gadgets, a group of engineers has made N-ify with an end goal to bring the software’s new look and its list of capabilities to all smartphones.

This Xposed module offers a decent arrangement of Android N elements, including

  • Quick access to the last used application by twofold tapping
  • Notification
  • Shortcuts and notification or data on the lock screen
  • Night mode
  • Snooze with the screen off.

For having this Android N-ify module, you just need to have a device running Android 5.0 or better version.

Android N Features for the Device Having No Root Access

If you don’t want to root your device, then there are some valuable options that can bail you out in utilizing diverse features of Android N.  User can without much of a stretch find a portion of the application in Google Play store that conveys the same functions as Android N.

Let’s find out those apps that can give you same experience as Android N features are going to give you in future:

  1. Multi-Window Effects:

There are different applications which can give the same yield as that of Android N multi-window impacts. The two most intriguing applications are ‘Floating Apps Free – Multitask’ and ‘C Floating’. You can introduce any of this application to have an identical feature on your gadget.

2. Notifications:

As in Android N, you can get the bundled notification that will show up on your Lock Screen. With “Floatify-Quick Replies” app in Google Play Store, you can have the same access to your notification that will appear on your lock screen along with the access to shortcuts through a quick swipe.

3. Night Mode:

“Twilight” & “f.lux (Preview root-only)” are the suitable apps that give the Night mode functionality for the device having no root access. These apps make your Android easier on your eyes by changing the screen tones at night.

4. Access the last-used app directly:

The multi-tasking feature of Android N can let you launch the most recently used application specifically. With Easy App Switcher, you can optimize the same work, just install the app “LAS: Last App Switcher” from your app store.

So this is the way, you can get Android N Features on any Device Running on Lollipop or Marshmallow. So, if you want to have Android N features on your device, just try one of these alternatives.

Android N features