Android N Developer Preview: New Features & Tweaks

Despite the sneak peak that comes so far sooner than expected, we will no doubt see some more components of the new OS at the final appearance. According to the developers preview released there are a ton of new features coming in Android N. How about we observe what are the new element and changes coming in most recent version of Android as according to the developer’s preview 1.
1. Multi Window: Finally Android N is coming with the multi-window screen choice that will let the user access multiple apps at one time. Having side by side multi- window will definitely let you do a multitasking job.
2. Direct reply & bundled notification: The API will allow the user to have the post notifications that are highly visible & interactive. You will be able to see more subject line at one time in your notification area. Receive the bundle of notification and reply to them straightforwardly.
3. New Accessibility element: Android N incorporates another screen zoom highlight as an element of the accessibility suite. It gives off an impression of being truly clear, making everything on the screen bigger and less demanding to see.
4. Data saver: Not everyone needs to stir through their information arrange generally as quick as could reasonably be expected. Android N includes another instrument in settings to help with this. When you turn the Data Saver highlight on in settings, you will be able to save more data plans wherever possible. It will block background data usage, users have the option to whitelist any applications that they need to ignore these Data Saver setting.
5. Choice of Language: Android N is making the choice of language and location a bit smarter, especially for application developers. Now no compelling reason to get settled with the default language, users can pick their preferred language as according to their regionalization.
6. Secured Access to the Directories: Android N is presenting a modified element as scoped directories that keep your data or any folder more secured.
7. TV recording: With this Android N, the user will have the option to save the videos at more than one session at once. You can also put a scheduled recording and save your video to watch it later.
8. Faster management & setting: Google is including a “Just- In Time compiler” to the Android Runtime to continually enhance the execution of Android applications as they run. It implies quicker application installation along with the quicker reboots after system upgrades with a more astute default quick setting.
New features revealed in developer preview 2.
1. Designed Graphics API: The following variant of Android will have Vulkan graphics API since it permits better representation execution performance.
2. New & Multiple Shortcuts for Launching: Android N will allow applications to give particular and various alternatives for launchers. Your application can make up to five element alternate ways. It will be easier for the user to work on Android N.
3. New Emojis available for the Android N user: Now this new arrangement of Emojis will look more like individuals and less like yellow, Muppet blobs. The User can enjoy having a variety of live creature that views their actual contemplations while conversation.
The developers preview version of Android N was made accessible on 9 March by Google. And soon the first look will be available. Thus, the primary thing to know is that things are going to change. The Previews are much the same as an example; none of this is last or decided yet. But, if the final build up will have all these components or elements, eventually will stream out all the users’ desire.

Android N features