Android N- Upcoming with Enhanced Multitasking Features

All the new version of Android always has some version number or its nickname, so the new upcoming version has given a nickname as Android N. Google astounded everybody with the impulsive declaration of the Android N Developer Preview. This early formed version of the variant Android software upgrade, because of being launched later in the year, gives us a decent sign of where Android is heading.
The Android N Developer Preview is a test adaptation of the new Android programming, basically proposed for providing some assistance to designers. Like previous Developer Preview variants, for example, Android M, which later got to be Android Marshmallow, the primary adaptation of this product does not contain all the new elements of the following version of Android, however just a few parts of it.
Android Developer Beta Version or Android N preview
Make the Update Easier for Developer:
Android N sneak peak has come up with various new elements. This next version preview truly has one objective: To provide a basic preview to the app developers & designer and finalise the coding that will power them to build up all the unique components or features.
The Android N developers preview could make update less demanding on every device or gadget. If we look at the processing plant pictures for the Android N preview, we can easily notice entirely major enhanced quality feature that is going to change for Android in future. The code inside now appears as more organized & coordinated which make it simpler for the developers to overhaul their own elements and settings without interrupting the essential Android parts. It implies there will be less buildout overhead with a huge amount of new components.
Accessibility of Beta Version:
Android N is presently accessible as a preview only to designers and in addition those with the Nexus and Sony handsets. After playing around with this latest version on Nexus, it was analysed that this isn’t the final structure of software. However, there will probably be a bundle of new components in the last build that didn’t make it into this developer preview. Be that as it is, we all are waiting for the latest version with the final build up.
Releasing Date:
Concerning on releasing date, it is expecting to be available for downloading on a certain phone from coming October. Apple will be launching iOS 10 around the same time (most likely in September), which will mean Android gadgets will require some new components to win. This upgrade ought to take off to your device OTA automatically in case you’re a part of its Beta Program; else you can download and flash it manually by getting the picture from Google.