Talk to my car (TTMC) is an app created for recognising and rewarding good driving, by sending messages through simply registering the number plate of another vehicle. The app is intended to make driving more secure by perceiving and spotting out great drivers or through alerting drivers in case of any unsafe issues.
Make a step forward to make the driving safer on road. Through this app, you can easily alert the driver of another vehicle about the issues that can prevent some serious accident. You can also warn them about any danger or can acknowledge them if you like their driving skill sets.
This enhanced new application allows people while driving to message other drivers. They can send them any customized message from the wide variety of messages by just entering their vehicle registration plate details, country, state and type of vehicle. The message will instantly get convey to enlist TTMC member, who is driving the vehicle.
You can additionally send some flirtatious messages, if you see any charming driver. If you got any flirtatious message then you can reply to it only through upgrading to the PRO version.
Send happy messages to acknowledge great driving aptitudes, or warning messages and can also securely communicate with those people through an angry message, who are not paying consideration on their drive. You can include a virtual gift also, if you wish, which will cost a few coins.
You will get 1000 virtual coins after signing up. To earn a greater amount of these virtual coins, just visits the more coins section and watch some videos or even sending and receiving the message can add coins to your bank balance. You can also buy these coins through your bank account. You can access your my status section only if you will send 3 happy messages to some other drivers.
The app also has the GPS facility which alerts you to avoid using the phone while driving. For better safety, this app will show a “motion sickness” screen which will not allow you to send any messages while driving. You can only send the message by tapping on the option as you are a passenger and not the driver.
There is also a driving rating system that reveals how others view your driving skills. Personalize your virtual status symbol with the virtual luxurious cars available on Showroom.
Enhanced the skill sets by modification in appearance and functionality (like driveability, WOW factors, Vehicle value, Fuel Cost, Insurance cost) from the workshop. Buy all these facilities through using your coins and mark the instant improvement through star ratings. Just show up your driving skill sets and compete other people to get rewards and enhance your ranking on the basis of the country or worldwide. You can also share your status & Invite your friends through Facebook.
TTMC is developed by #Mobulous for Australian Client and is available of #GooglePlay .Coming soon on #AppStore
It’s a great way to make driving safer, enjoyable and more secure for everybody on the road.