Redesigned New look of Google play Store Icons

Google play store has spruced up the look of its family icons. They have upgraded its suite of app symbols to give them a crisp, steady look.
The Google has placed simulation of these buttons (like Movies & TV, Games & Books, and Newsstand) under one Play Button having a triangle shape in different colours. The icon having headphones in the Play Music tab has however been replaced with a harmony around with orange shading.
Google has upgraded its play store by dividing it into section & sub-sections. According to its new strategy, the organization has modernized the Apps and Games area with a sub-section which includes top Charts, Games & different Categories. Similar to that, the Entertainment segment has Movies and TV, Music, Books and Newsstand as sub-section. The looking over tabs in the sub-section option has been replaced by extensive size variant coloured button for better visual clarity.
The latest update is also capable of showing the compatibility of the app with Android wear. You can see a symbol representing a watch which consists of a “Read More” section that will present a whole list of application which runs perfectly with Android.
As the old symbols were not so bad, but Google has felt it important to roll out the improvements for the sake of consistency, which will make it less demanding for the users to recognize Google Play apps initially.
Have a look on the old Icons here and discover the difference through fresh feel with the new look.
The new symbols will be there on Android wear devices and online sites within the following couple of weeks. So simply keep enjoying the store icons—now with another look.

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