Outlook gains New Integration on Android and iOS as Calendar App

Outlook is undoubtedly considered as the most effective email applications present on Android and iOS. It is versatile in terms of providing different services. It supports all the important email services, even let you access to your contacts and manage your timetables and also works with all well-known cloud services. On top of this, Outlook is likewise streamlined for use in the different organizations, so it can be an extraordinary application for work as well.
Microsoft is tending to enhance outlook in a better way as it is launching a calendar app. This is a new Feature which is designed to access more sources like Evernote, Facebook & wunderlist.
This Feature will let you see all your tasks, events and notes from your digital life in one place. You just have to connect your calendar with this feature and you can exercise all the wide range of services. With the feature, you can have a far better view of your upcoming days or weeks or months. Stay up to date with all the important events of your life.
Wunderlist Integration
This integration is created to help you out in making all your stuff done. It can easily sync your outlook task. The Wunderlist Add-In let you transform your emails into to-do list which can be shared specifically from your Inbox. You can edit each section easily, to get a helpful reminder for you to complete your task on time. You can also share your Wunderlist with your friends or family or colleague while composing any email or reply to any mail. For sharing this list, just click on “Add-in” button.
Outlook Facebook Integration
The submenu of Calendar also includes the Facebook option, which allows you to connect with people and spend more time together. Plan any event with your friends & family, get instant notification about your friend’s birthdays. You can also accept the invitation for any event and can choose for RSVP (Reply Requested) and can also go through any event’s location details. Don’t miss any important date for the celebration.
Evernote can help you out in providing organised notes, your work stuff or task and lot more. Even if you want to prepare notes for a major meeting or some important work of your home, Evernote can help you out. Having those notes accessible on your logbook when you require them makes your entire day less demanding. You can also put a reminder on any note and it will appear on the calendar. It’s just not only solving your issues and make you remember all the important things, but also give you prompt access to the data you’ve set in Evernote, as you’re generally arranged.

Make your life less demanding through including this additional calendar app. Outlook can help you to stay connected to the digital world and keep you up to date with the real world. No need to wait for it, just get this app available in the latest version of Outlook.