Facebook Live – Latest Innovative Way to Create, Share & Discover Live Videos

The upgrading of Facebook is completely aiming at bringing up the menu, which includes all the different options or choices for sharing your videos, live comments and broadcast.
People always want to share their delightful moments with their friends & families, but it was observed that the people using the social network were posting fewer things about their own lives for their companions to see.
So to improve the sharing facilities, Facebook “What’s on your Mind” section is redesigned to make sharing on Facebook more fun and elegant. The new elements of Facebook Live are giving you more approaches to broadcast, share, discover and interact with live video, and more ways to customize your live videos.
Go live, create, explore & have fun with the Facebook Live features:
Create Live videos for in sharing Groups & get connected with any Live Events: Here with this Facebook live feature, you can broadcast yourself to interact with your family in your family groups or go live to join the fun on any celebration. You can even use Events to schedule any live session. This new ability to both broadcast and watches live video within different Groups and Events will enable people to connect with their closed ones more deeply.
Real-time Interactive Features: Interaction with this Facebook live turn out more interesting as it let viewers express their sentiments in Real-time during broadcasting. With various responses, you can easily sense how people are feeling. If your companions are also watching the same videos, then their photo will show up as a little starburst on screen. Live video on Facebook is genuinely interesting as broadcasters have the option to connect with their audience and respond to their questions. The comments can also be replayed, so that people can watch it later too. Facebook live also provide different Live filters for users to personalize their live videos in a creative way.
Discover more live videos:
Now you can also invite your friends to watch live videos with you. If you don’t want to miss any broadcasting videos, you can search for all the live videos from your friends or creators or you can also search for the videos according to your interest. You can search for the videos according to the places too; just tap on the new video icon to navigate. You can also have the Facebook Live map option on the desktop which gives you a visual approach to discover all the open live shows that are currently broadcasting all over the world.
These astonishing and imaginative ways will give the best experience to everybody who wants to create or broadcast their own videos. Just watch or interact with your live suggestion on Facebook. These components will soon appear on iOS and Android over the coming weeks.
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