Zoomreel is one of the latest Apps developed by Mobulous for a USA based Client.

Zoomreel is an online mobile video sharing application that allows users to make video and share it on the app or on other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can follow friends by importing contacts from the contact list, by simply searching them via name, by Facebook account or by twitter account. Just like twitter, users are allowed to follow people they don’t know personally. By following people, you are able to see their post in your newsfeed.

You can choose, if you want to share the video with all followers or the few. You can choose from three options- Public, Only Me and Customized. In Public video is visible to all the followers, in Only Me video is only visible to you and in Customized your selected will be able to see the video.

If anyone follow you or likes your video, you will be notified in the notification tab. While scrolling all your newsfeeds, you can show your interest either by liking or commenting the videos. For liking the video you can simply press the star button and for comment you can tap on the comment-icon and write your comments.

To see all your uploaded videos, you can visit your profile and scroll all the videos. Moreover, you can all see who your followers are and who you are following by checking into the profile tab. You can also edit and update your profile.

Clicking the camera icon allow you to make a video and share it with friends. You can also select the video from your device gallery and will share it to the friends. You can add a brief description of your video and also location. Apart from this you can set your sharing preference time between 0 to 24 hours.

So go out and make lots of videos! And enjoy using Zoomreel!