We have seen many fun exciting wearable devices already. There is more to wearables than smart watches. Take Safelet for instance. It is a safety bracelet that lets you send an emergency alert to your friends and family members. You can connect with your loved ones or the police at the touch of the button. They will have your exact location, so you can get help when you are in real danger. Safelet is compatible with iOS and Android device.

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Our Mobulous team has worked on various iPhone and Android image based apps for various clients. Our experts understand their needs and we provide them our best effort and endeavors in developing what our clients are in need of. Our team has the potential to make your mobile phone a much more interactive, attractive, appealing and interesting to use device.

When you need help, you can use Safelet to send an alarm to your friends, family and the police with your exact location.

Your security is enhanced at multiple levels:

1 – The simple activation of Safelet allows you to send out an alarm even if you have very little time. Something which would not be possible using your mobile.

2 – With one simple click you can notify a wide network of people. We like to call these people your guardians. You can make your network as big as you want. First of all by inviting all your friends and loved ones into your guardian network. But if you want an even bigger network, Safelet can send your alarm to everyone in the Safelet Community in your vicinity.

3 – Safelet provides your exact location to the police which, in many countries, they cannot obtain otherwise.

This is how the process goes on:


Safelet works with the Safelet app on iOS and Android. The Safelet app is used to establish a Bluetooth low energy connection between Safelet and your Smartphone.

Once Safelet and your phone are connected, you can use the app to invite your friends and family to become your guardians.

If you want to be protected by an even bigger network, simply select the the option that enables your alarm to be sent to other people in the Safelet Community that are, at the moment of the alarm, close to you.