Apple Watch – This Could Be the Future of Watches


It will enable the transformation of your skin into a touch screen. While the concept seems a little dystopian, the video, which depicts a person checking their email on their arm and even demonstrates underwater use, is undeniably cool.

The trouble is that we still don’t know whether the technology actually exists. If Cicret has developed even a basic level of usage for their product, it will be all but guaranteed to generate serious buzz and demand. Hey, it can’t be much bumpier of an introduction than the Apple Watch, can it? Assuming it does, in fact, have some working usability, I’d like to offer up some thoughts on how it could be a valuable tool.

Keeping Your Technology Whoops-Proof

A digital device can often lead a perilous existence, being dropped, stepped on and even dunked by its accident-prone user. The Cicret Bracelet wouldn’t come with any of those concerns. If the screen on your Cicret is cracked, you’ve got bigger concerns to deal with than the usability of your device.


Cheating on Tests

As if teachers didn’t have a hard enough time cracking down on cheating within the current landscape of digital devices. Here, a student would merely have to conceal their arm under a desk. It could be the next step in the progression of scribbling notes on your arm.

Planning a Killer Halloween Costume

People have gotten clever in recent years with some digitally-inspired costume ideas around Halloween. Imagine what brainstorming awaits with the assistance of your new bracelet. Perhaps realistic skeleton arms or an all-too-real game of Operation?

Reading under Water

There is presently no easy way to enjoy a good read while in the water – there simply isn’t. An e-reader is obviously not an option, but neither is a physical book or magazine, unless you want to awkwardly raise your arms out of the tub. The bracelet’s bathtub demo offers hope for all those aspiring water readers out there.